How Can You Start a Travel Blog?!


People have often asked me this question, and although I do this just for fun (and have barely done anything at all), my main suggestion is to follow these recommendations, at least to help get you and your ideas in-flight and off the ground – so you CAN start your own TRAVEL BLOG!


Develop a passion for travel:

  • If you enjoy exploring new destinations and cultures, then travel blogging may be a good fit for you.


Create a blog:

  • Choose a blogging platform such as WordPress and start creating content. Decide on a niche within travel blogging, such as budget travel, luxury travel, or adventure travel, and focus your content around that theme.


Build an audience:

  • Promote your blog on social media, reach out to other bloggers and websites in your niche, and engage with your audience through comments and email.


Monetize your blog:

  • There are several ways to make money from travel blogging, including advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

Network and collaborate:

  • Attend travel blogging conferences and events, and network with other bloggers and industry professionals. Collaborating with other bloggers, brands, and travel companies can help you grow your audience and generate more income.


Improve your writing skills:

  • Travel blogging is all about storytelling, so it’s important to have good writing skills and the ability to capture the essence of your travels in an engaging way.



Balcon de Europa



Take high-quality photos and videos:

  • Visual content is an important part of travel blogging, so invest in a good camera and learn how to take great photos and videos that showcase your travels.


Stay organized and plan ahead:

  • Plan your trips and blog content in advance, and keep detailed notes and records of your travels to help with future blog posts.


My takeaway:

Remember, becoming a successful travel blogger takes time and effort, but if you are passionate and dedicated, you can turn your love of travel into a rewarding career.


A few travel bloggers that have inspired me these last few years are:


My BIGGEST advice is that you stay true to your heart and ENJOY every minute of your adventures! It’s not about the perfect lighting, or perfect shot…. it’s about the EXPERIENCE that you’re having in that moment!! If there’s anything I am certain of, it’s knowing that…. the moments you have in life can never be replaced, so enjoy every moment of it…. if you can share it with the world via a blog or social media account, so be it… but if you can’t…. No pasa nada! Enjoy what you get to experience and it’s only you that matters at the end of the day….


La Vida Loca!

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